La Petite Issue 19 - Page 72

QUESTION&ANSWER H AVE Y O U ALWAY S EN J OYE D DOING C R AF T S AN D I L L U S T R AT ING? I was bitten by the craft bug as a little girl and have been cutting up paper and pasting things for as long as I can remember. I also knew at a very young age that I wanted to be an artist. It was the answer I gave to everyone when they asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. It just was something I knew I had to do from a very young age. on them on them on them on on them on them on them on on them on them WH AT H AS B EEN Y O U R FAV OR ITE CR AFT Y O U H AVE D O N E? I can't pick a favorite but i'm such a fan of imaginative play, making my dress up costumes some my favorite projects, with the most recent swan costume probably being a top pick. After that I'm a nut for doll houses and love making houses from either from cardboard, wood, twigs, canvas, you name it. on them on WITH / them on th them on them on on em on them on WH ER E D O Y O U FI N D I N S PIR ATION FO R ALL O F Y O U R Y O U R B E AUTIFUL WO R K ? I'm very inspired by the past when things were simpler and people worked with their hands more frequently. I'm inspired by nostalgic play - going MER MAG to your backyard scrap wood pile and making things from that. Going on a nature walk and creating magic from what you find. I'm inspired by simple handmade