La Petite Issue 19 - Page 51

W W W. M O L O . C O M We believe in clothing designed for real life, not D O Y O U R EMEMB ER THE FIR ST PIE CE just special occasions. All of Molo’s iconic all over O F C L O T H I N G Y O U EV E R DE SIGNE D? printed textiles in jersey plus a lot of new additions It all started with the first collection in 2003, where such as knits and tights are certified in accordance a jacket with sewn-on knit pockets shaped like with the global OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This mittens made every little childish soul go weak in means the products never contain chemicals or the knees. silhoue other harmful substances that are detrimental es and hunt for thees es es es es es es es sil to the health of the children. love love vintage AR E T H ER E AN Y EX C I TING PR OJ E CTS silh ouettes and hunt for them on lor them on nd hunt for thees es es es tt sil I N T H E FU T U R E T H AT YOU COULD D O YO U H AVE AN Y FAVO U R I T E S H AR E WI T H U S ? Things are never M O M E N T S Y O U C AN R EC O U N T I N standing still at Molo. We have just opened a new RE GA R D T O Y O U R B R AN D ? There are showroom in Los Angeles and right now, we’re quite a few to take from. Four times we have been working on a cool project for Spring/Summer 19 nominated and won as the best children’s wear but it is still a secret so you’ll have to wait and see. brand in Denmark. It’s a favorite moment because it is chosen by all the end-users. However, what counts the most are all the little stories that you C A N YOU TELL US M O RE A BO U T hear about kids that love their clothes so much that Y O U R S/S 18 COLLEC TIO N ? W H AT IS they want to wear it 24/7. Our biggest ambition is IT ALL ABOUT? This season, it’s all about to design clothes that are the child’s own favorite. the science of life and being a part of something silhouettes and hunt bigger- both individually and as a unit. The M A N Y OF O U R R EAD ER S AR E collection has an overall positive vibe allowing you IN TE RE S T ED I N WO R K I N G I N D ES I G N to be brave, curious, and think out of the box. – IN SO ME C APAC I T Y. D O Y O U H AVE Exactly like the colourful rainbows, which have A N Y A DVI C E T O S H AR E AS T H EY been given a comeback in all its unpredictability PU RSUE T H EI R D R EAMS ? If you really wish and playful expression. The rainbow forms a to become a fashion designer, you should keep beautiful arch across the sky guiding us to a yet your eyes and mind open. Be inspired by nature, unknown destination filled with love, power and art, music and culture. Find your own inner voice kindness from the strangers around us. As we and be true to yourself. Make something unique all know, strangers are just friends we haven’t and do not copy someone else, since so many met yet. on loe vintage silhouett people want to work in design. silhouett foe vintage silhou silhou es and hunt ettes and hunt fosilhouettes and hunt fottes es and hunt for them on lor them on lor them on lo C A N YOU TELL US A BO U T TH E IF YO U C O U LD G O B AC K I N T I ME T O QU A LI TY OF YOUR BRA N D ? Molo’s design TH E C R EAT I O N O F MO L O AN D G I VE feeds a child’s imagination with strong colours, fun YO U RS EL F O N E P I EC E O F AD VI C E, prints, exciting shapes, and bold combinations. We W H AT WO U L D I T B E? Hmmm, that’s an believe that children’s clothing has to be designed interesting one. Perhaps don’t expect things to on children’s terms so they can express their come easy. It is all a matter of work and dedication. creativity and personality through their clothes. Always. silhouette s es and hunt for thees es e L A PET I T E M A GA Z I N E | 4 9