La Petite Issue 19 - Page 43

W H E N DID YOU S TART projects. I love handcrafting, right now P H OT OGRAPHY? When I got crochet specifically. My grandmother my camera as a birthday present on introduced me to it when I was about 5 my nineteenth birthday. Since then I years old and I haven't stopped since. have been hooked. love vintage silh Also I love to inspire myself by travelling estestestestestestesteste stesteste ste and going to movies. love vi H O W DO YOU GO ABO U T silh ALWAYS CREATING SU C H W H AT A RE YO U R B ES T T I P S MAST ERFUL IMAGERY? Oh F O R BA L A N C IN G WO R K AN D such kind words, I really appreciate PE RSO N A L L IF E ? My family is that you think so! I am just following my very interested in and supportive of imagination really. Sometimes it is quite what I do, so it hasn’t been a problem challenging to do so. love vi ntage silh at all. My best tip in general is: Try to be testestestestestestestestestestestestes present in the moment! lov vlo vvintage H AV E YOU ALWAYS L O V E D silh P H OT OGRAPHY? No I actually IF YO U C O U L D G O B AC K did not know until that ninteenth IN TIM E TO W H E N Y O U birthday of mine. love vintage silh ntage F IRST STA RTE D Y O U R ageageagageageagageageagageagea PH O TO GRA PH Y B U S I N ES S C A N YOU TELL US M O RE A N D GIV E YO U R S ELF O N E AB OU T YOURSELF? I have a PIE C E O F A D V IC E, WH AT beautiful family with my husband, a W O U L D IT BE ? Believe in the fifteen year old daughter , an eleven imagery that comes to you naturally, year old son, a dachshund and a cat. and dare to think BIG! love vintage s ilh We often go to our little house on the lo ve vintage countryside near a lake with a lot of A RE TH E RE A N Y EX C I T I N G forest around it. Most of my imagery PRO JE C TS IN THE F U T U R E comes to me when I am there. One TH AT YO U C O U L D S H AR E thing I love is when we cook over an W ITH U S? I am working on my open fire and eat it outside. I love to next exhibition and I create everything be close to nature and go for long myself. It is time consuming but SO walks! I have a lot of hobbies, and I try much fun! One of My most exciting to combine them with my work and projects so far. silh L A PET I T E M A GA Z I N E | 4 1