La Petite Issue 19 - Page 31

W W W. G A R D N E R A N D T H E G A N G . C O M CAN YOU TELL U S A BO U T YO U R M O ST C U R R EN T year to make it happen. My favorite moment during the year is to create COLLECTION? Our current collection, NOMAD AW2017 is a the art direction and style my look books. I TRULY LOVE it and always collection about breaking new grounds and not being afraid. To explore feel inspired. on them on them on them on new territories. The collection definitely has a 70's vibe: some velour them on them on them on items and some items in Metallic to give it that little "extra something." WH AT AR E Y O U R B ES T T I P S F O R B AL AN C I NG WOR K This season, we also added knitted items to the collection and that was AN D P ER S O N AL LI F E? I think to try and separate it as much a the perfect match for this theme. thm o n them on them on possible is important. (hence, not constantly be on phone with emails m on n them on them thm o n them on them on m o n on on them on ton on them on t em o on them on t etc.) During some periods in the year this is certainly impossible but in DO YOU HAVE A the slightly less busy periods FAVORITE PIECE I really try to not bring my FROM THIS phone or switch it off to only COLLECTION? I be there for my kids. h personally love the camel ton sweatshirt with a striped I F Y O U C O ULD GO Velour back. I really tried B AC K I N T I M E TO to squeeze myself into one T H E C R EATION OF of the 8-10 ]]\TTSB\[]\H[B[Hۈ[B[[[B[SSUBۈ[BHHSӑHQHBTHQSHQHH USSTUSHHHH[‘ԈSTUH][H\ۜ]BPSӏ]\H]HX\YY]]X[YHH^H[Z[IHYX\]HXYHYB^\Y[HوXZ[\[H\[H]]\›\YH[]X\\XH[^KZ\Z\Ȉ\H\B[ݚ[HZYHX\ HXZH[H]\]ۙB[]H]]H]]YH[[HH[XZ\HܛوY\[K\[H[\\ۈHB[Hۈ[Hܚ[HXZH]ۈ[BSSHSH\ۘ[[H؛[BPUSTHQ\ˈ\]\\TBTHX\[HHH[\›Y[[\[]\\YH\H\ۘ[܈ؘXH N[۝܈XXX[ۈYܙHHXX[H]ۈ[X[ ۈ[[ۈ[][][ˈ]\[\H]X\YۈZ[HYH^\Y[\܈ۂ\X[[\][ۋ][Hۈ[Hۈ[HۈTHTHSHVHHPHHUTB[Hۂۈۂ[Bۈ[[B›ۂۂۈ›UHHHTHHHH\HX][X\BHӐTHS UTHH]H[و\[۝H\\^][ڙX]H[\]H]BUԒUHTHݙHYZ[H[[\YXY\ܚ[Y\HXZ܈\Hو[\][ۈ܈YX\ˈY\[\^Y\[܂ۈHX[ۈ܈HYX\HYXHXۈH[]Z\ HYHܙX]\X\Y[ۜ˂HUHHHHHHH