La Petite Issue 19 - Page 151

work from home with my husband and am able to interested in how simple and iconic Japanese trends spend time with my girls throughout the work day. can be. Thats where the inspiration for our type Sometimes Tressy doesn’t get my full attention driven knitwear and socks comes from and you’ll be because of the amount we travel or the everyday seeing so much more of that in the future from us. needs of a family- so it's an ever-changing balance them on them on t hem on that I am yet to perfect. on t on them hem them on D E SI GN PROCESS ? I don’t actually sit down IF YO U C O U LD G O B AC K I N T I ME T O and design each season. By the time it comes to TH E CR EAT I O N O F T R ES S Y C L U B putting a collection together, I already have so many A N D G I VE Y O U R S ELF O N E P I EC E O F images and drawings of what I want for the new A D V ICE, WH AT WO U L D I T B E? I have season that I’ve seen and collected along the way, learned so much in the past year and I think the it's just a matter of narrowing it down to a few pieces biggest piece of advice I would have for myself would and planning out how it works together to form a be to have patience and not to overthink things. collection. From there, we can add in designs or type There is so much that needs to happen from start to pieces that we feel add value. on them on the finish and you make so many mistakes throughout them on on them on them on them the m on C A N YOU TELL US A BO U T YO U R m on on on the m on them that process. Each season can take much longer FR O M CONCEPT TO PRO D U C TIO N , than anticipated. It can be frustrating and you end W H AT IS YOUR FAVOU RITE PA RT? I up making promises that you have no control over LOVE seeing pieces come alive from paper to keeping. o first sampling. Even more so, when there is a print on them on them or embroidery involved. So much needs to be A RE T H ER E AN Y EX C I T I N G P R O J EC T S considered between the two stages and there is no IN THE F U T U R E T H AT Y O U C O U L D better feeling than holding the finished product in SH A R E WI T H U S ? I come from an illustration your hand and getting excited about how everyone background, and a really exciting prospect for me is going to receive it. on t m on them is bringing some illustration into the next season. on them on t We hav