La Petite Issue 19 - Page 150

QUESTION&ANSWER C AN Y O U T EL L U S AB O UT YOUR M OST C U R R EN T C O L L EC T I O N ? Season 2 has been a real labour of love. We have experimented with some new fabrics and while it's been a fun and exciting process, there have been a few hiccups along the way. Saying that, we haven’t veered far off from our first season. You’ll still find all our basics with this collection, with a few minor colour changes or style tweaks. We have also continued this season with our type driven knit pieces and socks but there are some new styles and even some colour which we are excited about too. on them on them on them on on them on t hem D O Y O U H AVE A FAVO U RITE PIE CE FR OM T H I S C O LLEC T I O N ? Without a doubt, the faux fur coat. The moment I was shown the fabric by my manufacturing coordinator, I knew it had to be part of this season. There wasn’t much of the fabric available though, so it's a really exclusive piece. What made me love it even more was when we shot it on the models. They loved it too and couldn’t stop touching it and W / 148 | they were so excited to wear it. on them on them on t hem on on t hem on them on the WH ER E D I D Y O U FI N D I NSPIR ATION FOR TRESSY CLUB Y O U R LAT ES T C O L L EC T I ON? Tressy started out with the 50’s and 60’s being a huge inspiration for the brand. I loved Twiggy and how she became such an icon at that time and her fashion certainly inspired many of our styles. At the moment though, I get so much inspiration from Japanese fashion. I understand