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découverte I discovery I ْ ‫اكتِ�شــــاف‬ envies wishlist ‫رغبـاتنـــا‬ t Hoxton Holborn Hotel he latest Hoxton Hotel has arrived. In the very heart of London, just a few steps away from Covent Garden, the Holborn Hotel welcomes you in one of its 174 rooms divided into four categories : Shoebox, Snug, Cosy and Roomy. Each room is designed to optimize space, style and comfort. Free breakfast basket brought every morning to your room, “Pen and Ink“ products in the bathroom with black and white bevelled tiles. A little extra apart from free wifi, one hour of free phone calls to most European countries, the United States and Autralia. For lunch, the hotel offers 3 types of restoration : the Hubbard & Bell in a “Brooklyn“ style, the Chicken Shop rotisserie in the basement or the Holborn Grind café where you can eat sandwiches and other pastries. The “Cheeky Salon“ welcomes you for a manicure or a “make-up“ between girlfriends. Just like the Soreditch Hoxton Hotel, the Holborn makes available one of those salons called “the apartment“ for your professional meetings and other events, day or night. With all that, no need to step out of the hotel. I 81 I 60 ‫الغـزالــــة‬