La Gazelle - Page 119

portfolio I portfolio I ‫برتفوليــو‬ rencontres encounters ‫لقـــــاءات‬ Territoires et Traces © Fakhri el Ghazel With this experience, my work has taken another turn, since it is the first time that I accept to work in another territory than mine. My territories, I draw them myself, I choose the outlines, but here, I opened to something else, (for example I started using again the color film that I had left aside for a while). It should be noted that before this experience, I arrived to a certain point with the series WELD MEN which is an intimist work about memory, about trace, a kind of self-portrait. The work done in Redeyev has been done during a residency that took place over several periods of time between 2012 and 2014 with the support and collaboration of the SIWA platform that was meant as an artistic laboratory. This proposal very much interested me: all I knew about Redeyev was its reputation: the mining city that engaged in a revolt against deposed president Ben Ali in 2008. It is a new territory for me, with an important history in this post-revolutionary Tunisia. I .‫لقد اتخذت أعاميل منحـــى مغايرا مع هذه التجربــة، ألنهـــا املرة األوىل التــي أعمل فيها خارج ميدان تخصصـــي‬ .)‫إن القضايا التي تتناولها أعاميل الفنية، أحدّ دها بنفيس، وأختار إطارها، ولكن يف هذه املرة، انفتحت عىل أشياء أخرى، (عدت إىل الصور امللونة التي تخلّيت عنها لفرتة طويلة‬ .‫وتجدر اإلشارة إىل أنني قبل خوض هذه ا