La Gazelle - Page 114

rencontres encounters ‫لقـــــاءات‬ focus I focus I ‫تركيــــز‬ the buildings are crumbling but when we know my grandfather’s 5-dollar-a-night hotel and its magnificent Italian façade. This is where I feel comfortable, the central market and the medina. Not the medina known by the tourists, but all these narrow streets in Souk el Blat and La Kherba, where tourists never go. I think this is incredibly beautiful and oddly, I think these places are the most protected. FFL : In this issue, we visit Venice, do you know this city? AY : I will go to Venice when I will be pregnant because it is the town of love and for me having a child is the realization of love. FFL : If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner, who would it be and which restaurant would you choose? AY : I would invite Big Bill Broonzy who is a very old jazzman and we would go to “Uncle bar“ in New Haven, to eat a burger and drink a beer. FFL : And for a trip around the world ? 3 destinations and with whom ? AY : The first destination would be Iceland, then Japan and Australia. Honestly I wouldn’t bring anyone along, because these destinations are so exotic that I refuse to be accompanied, in order to be forced to challenge myself by meeting new people from other cultures. FFL : What does the word “travel“ mean to you ? AY : When you travel as much as I do without actually travelling, you tell yourself that you don’t deserve it because you don’t respect the word travel. A trip is this incredible dream and I come from a country where people don’t have the right to travel because most of the world will refuse them entry. To me, the opportunity to travel is a privilege that should be democratized. FFL : You are alone on an island, what are the three things you can’t do without ? AY : If I have internet, I have everything. Otherwise, I would take music, a lot of music, a book that I like to read again and again, “Hunger“ by Knut Hamsun, but I am allowed to take what I want, everything I want ? So I take three Rothko, the three Rothko from the Rothko room in the “Phillips Collection“ in Washington. La Gazelle 60 I 116 FFL : What is your finest memory of travel ? AY : Kenya. Nature, safaris, it’s fascinating to see so many animals. I like “natural“ trips. I think that everyone should have the right to witness migration because nothing is as beautiful as these thousands of birds flying above your head. FFL : What is your worst memory ? AY : My worst memory of travel is New York where I was expected to attend a very important meeting, it was for the UN General Assembly and I caught a virus, I was actually delirious and I was supposed to speak in front of the Assembly. I had this feeling of being alone in the world, a 16-hour flight only to attend a two-hour meeting, it’s horrible, it took me some time before I flew again. Perso FFL : What do you F