La Gazelle - Page 113

focus I focus I for me to work on transparency and access to information which was previously censored. My father is the first and only judge who spoke about judicial independence under the dictatorship in 2000 and he lost everything he had, including his job. At that time I was 16 years old, I was ashamed to tell people that my father was a judge when I was in high school. Being judge was synonym of corruption in Tunisia, even if he was not. When he was fired, I was very proud to say that my father was the judge who got fired because he stood up for freedom of justice. My mother is less known, she is a professor of computer science, she is part of the first generation of computer science teachers in Tunisia, she started from nothing and worked her way up to this position. FFL : What is your dream when you think about your personal happiness ? About Tunisia ? AY : I am very happy, what happens to me is more than a dream, so all I can dream of is something that I can’t imagine, that will happen to me in the future. What I love about life is the fact that we don’t know where we’re going, we discover things as they happen to us and we find out how we react to challenges. My dream for my country is for the Tunisian elite to stop hating its own people. About the NGO FFL : What was the purpose of the NGO ? AY : The purpose was to work on freedom of speech in the constitution. It is an important article that covers several freedoms such as freedom of conscience, sexual freedom, etc. Freedoms should not be prioritized over each other, but once we have freedom of speech, we can fight for all the other causes. Very quickly I understood that no freedom can be defended, as long as we don’t fully understand what is going on inside the constitutional assembly. There are numerous organisations that work around themes that can be discussed in the Constitution, 6