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Une nuit à I one night at I ‫ليـــلة فـي‬ envies wishlist ‫رغبـاتنـــا‬ “ For Moscow is not an ordinary city like thousands of others; Moscow is no silent immensity of cold stones piled one upon other to form symmetrical patterns… no indeed! It has its own soul, its own life.” Mikhaïl Lermontov. A panorama of Moscow, 1834 2 3 4 A stay in Moscow is culturally exciting, since Moscow is a condensed reflection of Russian history and culture, a great capital where traces of the tsarist era, the Orthodox religion and the communist regime coexist… Day and night, the city is bursting with excitment. Shops, restaurants and cafés abound and the downtown is vibrant and pleasant. At night, the capital’s trendy clubs attract VIP revellers from around the world. One of the most expensive capitals in the world ! Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Hotel, An exceptional VIP palace In the heart of the Russian capital, opposite the Red Square, the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Hotel is only a few steps from the famous Bolshoi Theatre and not far from popular sites such as the Kremlin, the Russian Parliament and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. This luxurious hotel-boutique facilitates a quick access to the main commercial district, the business areas and to various means of transport, whether it is airports, major access routes or subway stations. Un ideal Palace. Hôtel Ararat Park Hyatt Moscou 4 Neglinnaya Street, Moscou, Russie, 109012 Tél.: +7 495 783 1234 Fax: +7 495 783 1235 ‫آرارات بارك حياة موسكو‬ ،‫4 شارع نقليناي، موسكو‬ 109012 ،‫روسيا‬ +7 495 783 1234 : ‫الهاتف‬ +7 495 783 1235 : ‫الفاكس‬ Café Pouchkine ! Tverskoy bulvar 26A, Moscou 103009, Russie +7 495 739 0033 !‫مقهى بوشكني‬ ‫62 تفريسكوي بولفار، موسكو‬A ‫900301، روسيا‬ +7 495 739 0033 : ‫الهاتف‬ The Pouchkine Café ! In this café, opened 24/24, the sumptuous decor dates from Pouchkine’s time… who came to write in that place ! On the first floor, there is a bookcase with some originals of the author ! A splendor !!! On top of that, dinner is divine, served by waiters in period attire reciting… Pouchkine !!!! 87 I 56 ‫الغـزالــــة‬