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visite guidée I guided tour I 2 ّ ‫لنحـلــق‬ 3 4 ‫زيـارة برفقة دليـل‬ évasion fly away 5 you arrive directly near Gellért Baths. Beautiful swimming-pools with splendid decors, adorned with columns and mosaics, charm the clients. The spring comes from the Gellért Hill. The baths are connected to the hotel of the same name, a beautiful Art Nouveau building. It is important to devote at least one afternoon enjoying the virtues of the outdoor Széchenyi Baths (in the City’s Woods). Don’t miss the hammams and saunas in a magnificent and flamboyant neo-Baroque setting. It is Europe’s biggest thermal spa. A CITY IN GLORIOUS PAST Admiring the city by night is a great activity for all tourists. The view is amazing with the enlightened buildings ! A waterside walk is truly worth it ! Walking around the streets and the yards of District 8, you will be able to appreciate the architecture of the Hungarian aristocracy’s disappeared world. The promenade, along the splendid buildings of the neighborhood, adorned with stories and tales, brings the past to life. To step off the beaten path, we invite you to enjoy a cultural, contemporary and urban tour by visiting the monthly design market in Budapest, the Wamp. You will have the opportunity to meet Hungarian contemporary designers and to discover their creations. We also encourage you to shop along Király Street, lined with boutiques and funky galleries. If you are an antique enthusiast, we recommend that you explore Antique Row, the antique dealers’ street, perfect for discovering unique treasures. Don’t forget to visit the flea market Ecseri. As for the contemporary art flourishing in Budapest, we urge you to register for a contemporary art visit in order to visit the best galleries in town and to discover the Hungarian contemporary art at its best… at the Kogart Gallery or the Trafó Gallery. During these five days, the Hungarian gastronomy will make you quiver with pleasure in nice restaurants or numerous tea rooms… Delicious desserts are unforgettable : pancakes, strudels and other sweets like the Isler, a double cookie with jam and crispy chocolate. I 149 I 56 ‫الغـزالــــة‬