La Gazelle - Page 136

évasion fly away ّ ‫لنتحـلق‬ voyage dans le temps I journey through time I ‫رحلـة عبـر الزمـن‬ 1 Last year, Munich was celebrating its 850th anniversary. The old lady has bravely crossed the centuries, building in the meantime her own identity, and there she is, at the dawn of the 21st century, showing an incredible panache and a fantastic cultural and economical energy. r La Gazelle 56 I 138 ich and proud to be, the capital of Bavière features multiple exterior signs of wealth, without any false modesty  : « In Germany, it is said that rich people of Hambourg hide their fortune, while people of Munich show it », explains Anja Martin, a journalist who has long worked for Elle Decoration. « We see a lot of extremely expensive cars, sumptuous villas (in Grünwald). Women wear luxury brands, men buy very expensive shoes. We buy works of art, we go to the opera… Munich is both traditional and worldly. » Traditional, yes, but not traditionalist. There is a quite difference. The neoclassical façades and the large avenues seem austere, but sometimes there is more to it than meets the eye. Inhabitants of Munich aren’t all strong fellows wearing lederhosen, felt jacket and feather hat. The tall, handsome and ultra-trendy specimens, dressed in Hugo Boss from head to toe, getting out of the latest BMW coupé, are living proof that Munich can also be ultra chic and sophisticated. Italy has surely been of great influence. Here, people like to repeat that Munich is the most northerly city of Italy, in other words the most Mediterranean of Germany. « In Munich, note Anja Martin, we speak