La Gazelle - Page 115

Interview I Interview I ‫مقابلـة‬ rencontres encounters ‫لقـــــاءات‬ Mohamed Ali Okbi is a great figure of Tunisian cinema, he is a director and producer. He is the founder of Agora cultural center which will open its doors in the spring of 2014 in La Marsa. What does traveling mean to you? Traveling is about meeting new people and sometimes discovering lightning intelligences with whom you share your vision regarding the human, ‘Seeing it otherwise’. To escape the daily routine of certitude in order to plunge into a world that makes you forget your own habits. What is an exotic trip? People are more captivating than the landscapes they occupy. It is meeting other people who are completely foreign, but at the same time very close ... I become an American in America, French in France and Egyptian in Egypt, it is not changing who you are but it makes you live differently, while remaining yourself. What do you always take in your suitcase? Always the same shoe size, waist size and collar size 39… And two books