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interview I interview I ‫مقابلـة‬ rencontres encounters ‫لقـــــاءات‬ Emblematic figure of the Tunisian film production, Dora Bouchoucha brilliantly leads several projects. Her career starts in 1992, the year in which she creates the Projects Workshop of the Carthage Cinema Days. Three years later, the young woman founds her own production company, Nomadis Image, with which she will produce many documentaries, Tunisian and foreign short and feature films. Active woman, Dora Bouchoucha also supports young Tunisian talents. In order to expand their opportunities, she develops and conducts the Sud Ecriture Workshops.The latter’s purpose is to accompany young scriptwriters in their writing process. Latest news, Dora Bouchoucha chaired in November the 25th session of the JCC, the largest film festival in Tunisia. What does travel mean to you? Travelling is being elsewhere, in space and time. It’s leaving for work, for leisure or to see my kids and the kids of my friends who are away. What is an exotic trip ? It is a trip that makes you dream, it is the discovery of an unknown world, of a new culture, of different landscapes and living beings. It is what makes me grow intellectually and allows me to evolve and to become more experienced and wiser. What do you always bring in your suitcase ? My phone, my computer, books that I couldn’t live without and of course a some clothes. What’s your favorite museum ? The National Gallery in London and the MOMA in New York. What do you enjoy the most during your trips ? As soon as I have time, discover the city on foot, visit cafés, popular neighbourhoods, for example in Africa the markets are a world of its own and tell a lot about the country. What’s the country of your dream ? Despite its imperfections, my country, Tunisia. I dream that one day it will be cleaner, more tolerant, more ambitious. “ … my phone, my computer, books that I couldn’t live without… ” A wish for the future ? That each Tunisian has the chance to discover new horizons, to deal with other cultures, enhance one’s personality and open up to others. I 87 I 59 ‫الغـزالــــة‬