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made in tunisia talent I talent I ‫براعــــة‬ The « second session of the Electronic Dunes » will take place in southern Tunisia from February 20th to 22nd 2015. b olstered by the unexpected success of the first session held in February 2014 (over 3000 Tunisian and foreign visitors were dancing in the Sahara to the sound of great international DJs), the Panda Events agency spices up the event with cultural novelties. This year, the festival-goers will have the chance to discover the Tunisian desert’s doorstep through various activities. The site, where some parts of the Star Wars films were shot, will be used for the music scene, hosted by Tunisian and international top DJs such as Deena Abdelwahed, Popof and Francesco Tristano. Several films that marked the postrevolution Tunisian cinema (including « Challat de Tunis