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Actu Tunisair Annual General Meeting of the AFRAA held from November 9th to 11th 2014 in Algiers under the theme « Winning together through innovation and collaboration ». Founded in 1968, the mission of the AFRAA is to serve the African airline companies, promote and preserve their common interests. It has been at the origin of great initiatives in the field of air transport in Africa, raising awareness among the airline companies so that concrete measures for Aeronautical maintenance training centre Tunisair has signed an agreement with the manufacturer Airbus on creating an Airbus Approved training center in Tunis that will allow Tunisian aeronautics instructors to issue diplomas approved and recognized by the European aircraft manufacturer. Africa - AFRAA Tunisair honoured Ms. Saloua Essghaier, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Tunisair’s Board, was elected for the next three years Second Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) and representative of the North Africa region in the margins of the 46th cooperation in the operational, commercial, technical and training fields would be taken. The AFRAA has also contributed to raise the awareness of African governments - through the African Civil Aviation Commission and other organizations – on measures to undertake to develop an efficient air transport system. It has been the catalyst for all major political decisions about air transport on the continent. One more award Tunisair elected Member of the Executive Board of the Arab Air Carriers Organization -AACO of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation –AACO, during its 47th annual general meeting, today Wednesday November 19th 2014 in Dubai. This honour reinforces Tunisair’s network expansion strategy through alliances and partnerships with Arab airline services. It may be noted that 32 airline companies are members of the AACO, founded in 1965, and have recorded in 2013, 153 million passengers, annual revenus of some 50 billion US Dollars, with a fleet of over 1000 aircrafts, 3800 daily flights and 412 destinations worldwide. The mission of the AACO is to serve and promote the common interests of the Arab Air Carriers in terms of safety, security, environmental and air policies, human resources... and the promotion of their image in the various international forums. Let us recall that the Executive Committee, composed of 9 elected Executive Directors of the member compagnies, represents the Organization’s highest authority. I The Chief Executive Officer of the national company Tunisair, Ms. Saloua Essghaier was elected Member of the Executive Committee Events sponsored by Tunisair NOVEMBER  2014 • National Museum of antiquities of Netherlands : Carthage exhibition from November 26th 2014 to May 11th 2015 in Amsterdam • 25th session of the Carthage Cinema Days from November 29th to December 6th • Exhibition of paintings at the Bardo Museum “Klee Macket Moilliet”  from 28/11/2014 to 14/02/2015, organised by the Swiss Embassy in Tunisia DECEMBRE   2014 • The Oasis Festival in Tozeur from December 22nd to 27th 2014, organised by the event agency HAPAX • Miss Tunisia is currently participating in the MISS WORLD contest in London. The final is held on December 14th 2014 • Female rally racing «ALYSSA TUNISIA» from 26/12/14 to 06/01/2015 FEBRUARY 2015 • Electronic music festival, 2nd edition of the «ELECTRONIC DUNES 2015» from February 21st to 24th 2014, in Tozeur organised by Hi Life et Panda Events. • The Chinese New Year and the Chinese gastronomic week at the Residence Hotel from February 6th to 14th 2015. 133