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évasion fly away ّ ‫لنحـلــق‬ visite guidée I guided tour I ‫زيـارة برفقة دليـل‬ 1 3 2 Square, is currently under renovations by Ramon Esteve (opening in 2016). Other project led this time 1,2. Le Conservatorium a été restauré par l’architecte italien Piero Lissoni pour devenir l’un des hôtels les plus chic de la ville. I The Conservatorium has been restored by Italian architect Piero Lissoni and has become one of the most chic hotels in the city. I ‫خضع الكُونْسرِفَاتْوريوم لعملية‬ ْ ‫ترميم عىل يدي املهندس‬ ‫املعامري اإليطايل بيريو ليسوين‬ ‫جعلت منه أحد الفنادق األكرث‬ I .‫أنــاقة يف املديــنة‬ 3. Nemo, musée des Sciences a été conçu par l’architecte Renzo Piano en 1997. I Nemo, Museum of Sciences has been designed by architect Renzo Piano in 1997. I ‫"نيمو"، متحف العلوم الذي‬ ‫صممه املهندس املعامري رينزو‬ I 1997 ‫بيانو يف عـام‬ 4. &Samhound, le restaurant deux fois étoilé I &Samhound, the 2-star restaurant. I ‫& سامهوند، املطعم الحائز عىل‬ I .‫نجمتيـــن‬ 5. La cantine bohème Ij-Kantine sur le site des anciens chantiers navals. I The bohemian canteen Ij-Kantine on the site of former shipyards. I ‫اآلي جي ـ كانتني، البوهيمي‬ ّ ِ ِ ُ ‫الذي يحتل موقع أحواض بناء‬ I .‫السفن القدمية‬ La Gazelle 59 I 120 New armada Despite its vast places surrounded by red brick palaces topped with bell turrets, the historical centre is a handkerchief. Without even knowing it, we go from the Plantage middle class zone to the formerly working-class neighbourhoods of the Jordaan and 9-Straatjes (the 9-Streets). The latters became bohemian headquarters with their ravishing alleys where one can find many trendy boutiques. In this classified centre, it is impossible to build, therefore we rehabilitate. The museums area has recently been given a facelift : the Van Gogh Museum just reopened, the Stedelijk Museum of Art and Design got a new wing signed Benthem Crouwel. The Rijks has also been entirely reorganised by Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Besides, seven historical and incredibly luxurious residences have been undertaken by Marriott whereas the Kras hotel, located on the Dam by the Lloyd Hotel : transform the lockmasters houses installed on the canals into twenty-seven One Room decorated by artists. « In thirty years, we have invested millions of euros in thirty monuments, museums included. As if we were arming a cultural fleet... Many states don’t have this chance. Here, we don’t have a Big Ben but canals that are worth a monument ! », says Carolien Gehrels, Cultural Deputy. The goal : turn Amsterdam into the European business and cultural centre. Moreover it summons Spinoza, born in Amsterdam, to explain the city’s spirit of tolerance : « We have preserved this free thought, this interest for all cultures, by organizing strong relationships with other European museums. » Next step ? « We invest today 250 million euros in universities, with cooperation plans. All Amsterdam speaks English and we want to attract young people. Philips, IBM, Heineken... create nurseries where jobs are mixed. The top-ten of DJ’s and “game developers” lives here, attracted by the world’s best Wi-Fi. On the top of that, they call the city Apsterdam, “Ap” for « Apple... » The art of accommodating the fallow lands Founder of Arcam, independant architecture and urbanism organization, Maarten Kloos knows each brick of his town. « When we think about Amsterdam, we think old city. The current politics are trying to install a marketing image of metropolis, with about ten centres which include municipalities like Haarlem. They also create artificial extensions, like Ijburg. » Its configuration is also regularly modified. In 1876, boats start taking the road west instead of east. As if the city had turned on itself. We enjoy this diversity by visiting, at 5km from the centre, the green pastures of Zuidas. Business and residential (for young millionnaires..), the neighbourhood has glass towers and cranes in the middle of breathing