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évasion fly away ّ ‫لنحـلــق‬ Le FOAM est le musée de la photo d’Amsterdam fondé il y a dix ans. I The FOAM is the Museum of Photography founded 10 years ago. I ‫متحف "الفاوم" للصور يف‬ ‫أمسرتدام الذي مرت عرش سنوات‬ I .‫عىل إنشـــائه‬ visite guidée I guided tour I ‫زيـارة برفقة دليـل‬ Who says Netherlands also says that everyone always lives a little bit above or below sea level. During the 12th century, Amsterdam is an island on the Waal, an arm of the sea worked by currents that will become the future canals. i n the Netherlands, where the only hills are the arches formed by the 1281 bridges that cover 100 km of canals, the battle is between Vanmoof and Flyer : vintage bicycle against electric two-wheels. 800 000 bikes (for 700 000 inhabitants) in the morning along the Amstel river, which gave its name to the city. Founded on a spongy land, the town is built on millions of stilts and, like Venice, sinks in spots. Then, the dam (the dike) is built during the Middle Ages and drains the ground, regulates the North Sea tides which, once released, clean the dirt of the city like the Alpheus and the Pénée did with the Augean stables. Baroque beauty La Gazelle 59 I 118 During the 17th century, the port facilitates the exchange of porcelain, silverware, silk products, precious stones... Vermeer, Van Utrecht, Van Dyck, Rembrandt an