La Gazelle - Page 105

voyage dans le temps I journey through time I évasion fly away ّ ‫لنتحـلق‬ ‫رحلـة عبـر الزمـن‬ Huge and chaotic, Los Angeles is a must-see destination. From Downtown to Venice Beach, Silver Lake and Hollywood, the boulevards draw the outlines of a myth that keeps on renewing itself, a large movie screen behind which hides the true city of Angels : a multifaceted and enthusiastic megalopolis. i t should be said straight away that in Venice Beach, one of Los Angeles beaches, people like to laugh and cultivate the art of being cool. An attitude that Europeans on a spree, sometimes too tied up by their long history, can find difficult to understand. Here, things quickly change, appear and disappear. For example, the Abbot Kinney boulevard, not recommended at night only five years ago, became a haven for yuppies. Here, nothing is sacred except the skateboard. Why ? Because it is a metaphysical vehicle. By using it, we learn that life is little more than simple gestures : gain some momentum or take an important turn from time to time. No matter who you are, nobody cares. Live, enjoy the time spent with other people, that is all we ask. So yes, living in Venice feels good ! Wild Wild west But Venice is not Los Angeles, only one of its many facets. The second city of the United States is vast : 70 km from North to South, 50 km from East to West, 3 4 million inhabitants in the municipality only and near 19 million for the urban area. In other words, a Wild Wild west where the p 7BF