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I envie hot spot I wishlist hot spot I ‫�ساخنة‬ ‫نقطة‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ I envie hot spot I wishlist hot spot I ‫�ساخنة‬ ‫نقطة‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ 1. Vue panoramique du Punta Tragara I Punta Tragara panoramic view I‫بونتا‬ ‫عىل‬ ‫شاملة‬ ‫رؤية‬ ‫تراغارا‬ 2. Le hall de l’hôtel I hotel’s lobby I‫الزنل‬ ‫هبو‬ 1 PUNTA TRAGARA, CAPRI’S PEARL A way from the hustle and bustle of Capri’s tourist spots, Punta Tragara rises above Fontelina beach’s Perched above the Faraglioni rockstacks at the end of panoramic Via Tragara, Punta Tragara was designed in the 1920s by French architect Le Corbusier and refurbished in 1968. Hotel Punta Tragara has turquoise waters. The nearest funicular access point is a brisk 10-minute walk– but that’s a small price to pay for a vertical slice of paradise. Punta Tragara is, in the words of Le Corbusier who was commissioned to draw up the 1920s master plan for what was then a private villa, “ a kind of architectural bloom, an extension of the rock, an off-spring of the island, a plant-like phenomenon.” Hidden behind giant cactuses and huge gates, Punta Tragara opens onto the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. Nearly a century later, the magic of the hotel continues to operate. The hotel has undergone two separate makeovers since it first was turned into a ritzy hotel and is now a chic refuge in which antiques and contemporary touches intermingle. ever since reached the pinnacle The 44 rooms and suites - nestled in the main villa and its two annexes - are an homage of the French architect to of hospitality on Capri as its the light of Capri and its pure surroundings. Bathed in natural sunlight, they each offer a breathtaking panoramic five-star luxury status attests today. 132 view of the sea. A little piece of paradise, a stay at Punta Tragada would almost make you forget the many other magical spots that Capri has to offer. I 133