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I actu agenda I news diary I الأخبار املفكّ‏ رة genève Geneva جنيف
Du 14 mars au 25 novembre 2018 En collaboration avec la célèbre coopérative photographique Magnum , le musée de la Croix-Rouge de Genève propose une exposition exceptionnelle , sur le thème de l ’ exil . À travers une scénographie audacieuse et originale ( les visiteurs sont invités à prendre en main les clichés ), Exil présente plus de 300 photographies prises par les photojournalistes de Magnum , offrant un témoignage unique de la dure réalité de l ’ exil . De la guerre d ’ Espagne à celle du Vietnam , du conflit des Balkans à celui qui a embrasé le Moyen-Orient , en passant par l ’ arrivée de réfugiés aux portes de l ’ Europe , l ’ exposition offre une plongée documentaire passionnante dans l ’ histoire du monde et de l ’ humanité , et soulève des notions aussi diverses que celles de territorialité , de géopolitique , de contextes économiques et de frontières mentales . I www . redcrossmuseum . ch
14 March - 25 November 2018 Exil is a coproduction between Magnum Photos , Paris and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum . The exhibit will address the themes of journey , displacement and exile . Around 300 photographs from the Magnum Photos archives , ranging from the Spanish War to the Vietnam War , from Balkans war to the recent Syrian conflict and the arrival of refugees at Europe ’ s door , will be presented in an original and interactive way on wooden blocks , which can be grabbed by visitors . The exhibition plunges the visitor into a riveting documentary exploration of our world and humanity , calling into question notions of territoriality , geopolitics , economic context and mental boundaries . I www . redcrossmuseum . ch
Affiche de l ’ exposition © Musée international de la Croix Rouge et du Croissant Rouge de Genève Icônes mai 68 I Exhibition poster © Musée international de la Croix Rouge et du Croissant
Rouge de Genève Icônes mai 68 معلقة املعرض / املتحف الدويلI للصليب األمحر واهلالل األمحر جبنيف
من 14 مارس إىل 25 نومفرب 2018 بالتعاون مع واكلة التصوير الفوتوغرايف الهشرية « ماغنوم ،» يقرتح متحف الصليب األمحر جبنيف معرضا ممزيّ‏ ا حول موضوع املنىف‎٠‎ من خالل سينوغرافيا جريئة وممزيّ‏ ة ( الزّوّار مدعوّون ألخذ لقطات ،) يقدّم « املنىف » أكرث من 300 صورة فوتوغرافية التقطها مصوّرون حصفيون من « ماغنوم » ٠ يعرضون هشادات فريدة عن واقع املنىف الصعب‎٠‎ من حرب إسبانيا إىل حرب الفيتنام ، ومن رصاع البلقان إىل الرصاع الذي أشعل الشق األوسط ، مرورا بوصول الالجئني إىل بوّابات أوروبا ، يحمس املعرض بغوص وثائيقّ‏ مشوّق داخل التارخي اإلنساين ويثري مواضيع www . redcrossmuseum . ch جدّ‏ خمتلفة اكإلقلميية واجليوسيايس والسياقات االقتصادية واحلدود الفكريّةI٠‎
I envie découverte I wishlist discovery I ‫اكت�شـاف‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ I envie découverte I wishlist discovery I ‫اكت�شـاف‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ 2 1. L’île de Capri et sa mer de rêve I The isle of Capri and its heavenly I‫األحالم‬ ‫وحبر‬ ‫اكبري‬ ‫جزيرة‬ 2. Les ruines de Pompéi I The ruins of Pompeii I ‫بومباي‬ ‫آثار‬ ‫وزخرفها‬ ‫الرباكنية‬ ‫األجحار‬ ‫ذات‬ ‫أبراجها‬ ‫بفضل‬ ٠‫القويط‬ ‫بومباي‬ ‫آثار‬ ‫املوقع‬ ‫عىل‬ ‫التعرجي‬ ‫دون‬ ‫نابويل‬ ‫زيارة‬ ‫املستحيل‬ ‫من‬ ‫منحدر‬ ‫من‬ ‫اآلخر‬ ‫اجلانب‬ ‫عىل‬ ٠‫ببومباي‬ ‫األثري‬ ‫آثار‬ ‫تقع‬ ،‫كيلومرت‬ 30 ‫من‬ ‫أقل‬ ‫بعد‬ ‫وعىل‬ ،‫فزيوف‬ 76 ‫سنة‬ ‫الرباكين‬ ‫الثوران‬ ‫رماد‬ ‫حتت‬ ‫املدفونة‬ ‫املدينة‬ ٠‫نىس‬ ‫ي‬ ُ ‫ال‬ ‫مهشدا‬ ‫اليقني‬ ‫وجه‬ ‫عىل‬ ‫وتعرض‬ ‫رج‬ ‫وت‬ ‫مبناسبة‬ 17 ‫القرن‬ ‫يف‬ ‫شفت‬ ‫ت‬ ُ ‫اك‬ ‫اليت‬ ‫بومباي‬ ‫اليوم‬ ٠‫إستثنائية‬ ‫حالة‬ ‫يف‬ ‫جديدة‬ ‫كنوزا‬ ،‫قناة‬ ‫حفر‬ ‫يشء‬ ‫ال‬ ،‫احلفريات‬ ‫كشفهتا‬ ‫ملا‬ ‫مع‬ 69 ‫بني‬ ‫من‬ ‫ويبىق‬ »‫الربية‬ ‫احلياة‬ ‫«مزنل‬ ،»‫الكبري‬ ‫«املرسح‬ ‫يضايه‬ ‫جانب‬ Pompeii and its vestiges It is unthinkable to visit Naples without stopping at the archaeological site of Pompeii. Located on the other side of Mount Vesuvius, around thirty kilometres away, the city’s ruins was buried under volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, 1 eradicating all traces of life in its wake. Rediscovered Famous quote by German writer Goethe in his Italian Famous Piazza Bellini at the west end of the centre in the 17th Century during canal construction, Pompeii journey “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” - literally « see gushes Neapolitan “dolce vita”. still reveals new treasures in exceptional state. Among the sixty-nine unearthed vestiges, the Grand Theatre, Naples then die », stands testimony to the greatness Naples, the city that has it all Naples – capital of the city of ‫اليت‬ ‫الشاملة‬ ‫وإطاللهتا‬ »‫ماالبارت‬ ‫«فيال‬ ‫سدها‬ ُ‫تج‬ ٠٠٠‫بيكوال‬ ‫مارينا‬ ‫عىل‬ ‫فة‬ ‫املش‬ ‫تراغارا‬ ‫باحة‬ ‫نابويل‬ ‫«زر‬ ‫نقول‬ ‫لن‬ ،‫اخلتام‬ ‫ويف‬ ‫لكن‬ ،»‫مت‬ ‫مث‬ ‫الرومنسية‬ ،‫اكبري‬ :»‫فويزن‬ ‫دي‬ ‫«المبويس‬ ‫الاكتب‬ ‫بلكامت‬ ‫سنستأنس‬ I ٠٠»!‫إلهيا‬ ‫لتعود‬ ‫ش‬ ‫ع‬ ِ ‫و‬ ‫نابويل‬ ‫«زر‬ Castel Nuovo the House of the Faun (largest and most impressive is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities not Castel Nuovo is also nestled in the centre of Naples - private residences in the city), the Amphitheatre, the Although in summer, Capri is a bustling mecca, only in Italy but worldwide, and we even like to say facing the port. Less popular than the Castel dell’Ovo Forum, pedestrian crossings and the impressive casts she knows how to be intimate and exclusive in that its creation preceded Rome. During 28 centuries, – which is worth a visit - the imposing fortress built in of inhabitants who did not flee the city ara a must-see. low season. Capri is best discovered on foot, so Naples retained the imprint of the successive cultures the 13th Century by order of King Charles I of Anjou A whole day is necessary to explore the 44 hectares comfortable walking shoes are advised. The island is that emerged in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. was stage to dramatic events and was for a long time exhumed during archaeological excavations (the only 6 Kilometre long, but has an array of treasures. Capri’s “Via Krupp” path (one of world’s most beautiful footpaths), the Arco Naturale -on the East coast of the residence of its rulers. It was in one of his many and a UNESCO World Heritage site - includes all the rooms that Pope Celestine V resigned and Boniface Visitors are advised to book their tickets. beautiful and lively, polluted essential elements that contribute to the justification VIII was elected instead. Legend has it that part of and gritty all describe Naples of its outstanding universal value, and offers a unique the Neapolitan nobility was massacred in the Hall of Dolce Capri by the Romans during Antiquity - the architectural journey through the city’s history. Barons - at the command of King Ferdinand I - at the Capri is undeniably the best way to end the Neapolitan masterpiece that represents Villa Malaparte and Walking through its famously narrow, cobbled streets, end ѡѠ 丁%ѡЁ́ɽ䁥屔%ԁхЁѼ5 ٕɕ́ɕѡхɅѡե́Y)٥)ԁɔѡٕѥ́9́݅ѽȁѡѱѿéɕ͍̀ѥɥ̀9́Фԁݥɕѡͱéѕ͡ɔQɥϊéɵȁѡɬѡ)9̰չѡѠ 䁄ɕɕ́ѥե䀴ɔѥѡɔȁ٥ͥѽ́Ѽ́ѡȸ5͵ɥͥ ɤ́ɕɽչ́аѡɅѡɕ́ɽ)хѡ䴁ѡAф ՅɕѕѡM͠ɔQ䰁ѡ ѕ9սټձ䁽Ѽѡ͍ɥ́́չՔ鱥5ѕɅѡЁɥ͔ɽѡ͕ѥAչфQɅɄ)͡܁ѥY٥̸ѡѠ́YQɥչѡЁՉ͕́مɥ́ѥѥ̰Ցѡ ٥ѵɔ́݅́ɥéٕɱЁ5ɥA)]Ѽ%хéЁ͕́ѡݼɕЁɕ́ե́95͕մݡɔѠѼѠ ѥ́ɽչ%ѡ$ ɽȁQɥ́ ͅȁЁаѡé́q͕9́t)ѡ ͥM1ɕ鼁5ɔս͍ձɕ́ɔ啐Qɕͥٔɕ́՝͔́ ɤѼյȰѡЁȁѽ́ݔݽձɕѼ) ѡɅ́ɝٽѽѽݕ́ѡѡѥ́啅́́Q䰁ѡͱ́ѡщȁY%@ɥѕȁ1䁑啹ϊéսє胊qM9́)%ѥѼյɅѽɥյ̰ɕ́ѡɍѕɅ嵉́9̸ѡɝЁ̸ٔ͡Ѽ͕Ёt$(+fbbbbbfbbf+bbbffbf+bbffbbbbbbbffbbbNJ+ffbf+bbfbbfbbf bbfbbfbb+fff'bϊbff#bbfbbbbbfbf+bbbfbffbfbfbbfbbb)ѥ䁽ѡAѡ丁9)ѱ锁ѡЁѡAѡ+bf#bbf#bbfbf+fbffbbbffff+f#bf#ffbbfbf#b3fffbf#f+bbbˊbffbbbbff#ffffbbbNJ؃bf'fbf#fbbf+bbbbNJ)9ϊéѽɥ䁍ɔѡɝЁɽ)չ䁵ѕ+bffbbf+bbffbbbfff+ffbbbb3bfffbbf'b3bffbbbbffbbb+bbbbfbbbbf#bNJbbfbf#f+ff#bffbbbff+f#f+fb3bf#ff+bbf#bNJbff+bbffbbbf#f+bf#bbfbbf#bbb0bff bff+bf+bbf+f#bϊ)ɝ䰁ѥɕ͙հ)ٕͅѥ́չѕ+f+fbbbbffff+bbfbb+bffbbbfbffff+f#fbbbf+b׊bf+bbbNJfDbbff+bf'f)ɕ́AݽձѕٕȀ؁хɕ̤)Ʌ̰х+b0bffbf+fb+fbff bf#ff+bϊ ff+bfbbbbNJfbffb3bbfffbbϊbbbbϊ ́Ʌܰх)ͽհѥɥ+bf'f)ѡͱЁȰѡ5ѕɵٔե+bf+bb3bbbbf#fDbf+ffbbf#f+ff+fbbff bfbbfbbbbf+bfbbbbf+ff+ff bfbf#ffbf+b  bfbbf+bf'fbfbf#bb+ffbf ff#f+fb3fbbf#f+ffbf+fbbbf+fbf+f+ff#fbf#ff#f bbb+ffbÊfbfffbfbbbbbfbf+bbbbbfbbfbf#fbbbb+ffbbbfbf bfbbf+ bbbbbbbbfbfbfbbbbbbfbbf#bNJ+fffbbfffbbbbbbfbfbfbf#fDf#bbbfbbbbbfbbf+bf+b+bffbbfbf+fffbbf+bbbbbbfff+bbf+bbbff+bbbffbf+fbfbbffbbfbbfbf+bfff#bbfbbf+bb+bf+bbf+f#bϊbbffbbbbf#bNJbf'fb3fff bbff#fbff bff+f+bbf+b3bbfff+f+bbfbbf+bbff#bbfff+f f+bۊfbf+fbf+f#ffbbb3bbbbbbffbbߊf+bfbbf fbfffff+b3bff+f#f+bbf+fDbfbϊbf+bf+fbfbbf#bbf#bfbbbbb3bffbbfbf+fGbfff+f#bbbf+bfbff+f+bbff#fffffbb3bfbf+ff+fbffbf+fb+bbfbf#bbfbff+ffb3f#fbf+bbfbbfbfff#fbϊbbbb+fff+bbbbbf#ff#fbffffb3bbff+bbbbfbbf+bffbbf#b(؃bf#fbf'fbbfbfbbbfbf+bbbfDfbbfbbff bbfbf'f+ fbf#b ff+bbbffff#bˊbbbbNJffffbff+ff#fbbbb+bbff# b0bfbbfff+fbNJfDffbfbfbff#ffbffbbf#f+bbf+bbff+bϊb3ffbbf+bbbfbbf+f bbfff#bf+f fbbf#bbf+f+bbffbfbf#fbfbbbbffGfbbff+b  fbbbfbff+bfbbbbbf+bff+bbffbbfbf+bbfbbfbbbfbbf'fb3bff bff+bbfbbf#bNJ (