La gazelle 72 - Page 94

I made in tunisia talent I made in tunisia talent I ‫براعة‬ ‫تون�سي‬ ‫�صنع‬ I made in tunisia talent I made in tunisia talent I ‫براعة‬ ‫تون�سي‬ ‫�صنع‬ Etandart by Mina Ben Miled Etandart de Mina Ben Miled Etendart is an elegant Texte : Noémie Zyla Chiboub Crédit Photos : Etandart combination of tradition and modernity, where traditional know-how is explored to Prenez les pièces produce authentic but incontournables de modern products. Major l’artisanat tunisien, ajoutez Tunisian artefacts thus are une touche d’originalité, transformed into chic, unique plusieurs pincées d’élégance, must have. puis quelques ingrédients, dont seule la créatrice a le secret, et vous obtiendrez Mina Ben Miled created Etandart in 1993 and has been reinterpreting flagship Tunisian handcrafts ever since. Designer Mina has reinvented foutas, plaids, rugs, mats and other decoration as well as clothing items. For this talented architect, Etandart had to exist to fill in the lack of choice in Tunisia regarding interior textiles. Her passion for tradition and handmade design was the incentive behind creating her own collections. Each product is crafted in respect of the artisanal techniques of Tunisia’s different regions. “Mergoums” (traditional woollen rugs) are woven on ancient looms by Southern craftswomen, while silk scarves and plaids are made in workshops located in Central Tunisia. There lies the secret of Etandart ‘ œX\ΈX[[]][X]K]X[]K[[\Y\]XˈH˙][\ ]\ܰX][ۜ8&Q][\0[^p[[HHY][ۈ][\]0K\Z\ NNLZ[H[Z[YZ[\H\Z]\\B8&X\\[][\Y[\HܚYB][\ [H\XZ[]\ZY\\]\]]]\0[0[Y[H0Xܘ][ۂH8&ZX[[Y[]][[HXۙB][\H][H][H][]0K\]H\]XHH[[ HܰX][ۂ8&Q][\\\\YH[YH[HX\]0K[H\ۜH08&XX[HH^ [X]pHH^[H8&Z[0\Y]\[[\YKH\[ۈ\H]Z[Z]XZ[]\Y][ۜ8&Z[][[ܜ0X[\\\\X[ۜˈ\]YHܰX][ۂ\ۙX[ۛYH[ۈ\X\]Y\˜\\[[\\0Y\[\Y[ۜ™H^\ˈZ[H\0Y\[\0 \\[Z[HY][ۛ[H۝\\\8&X[Y[›p]Y\\\\\[\HY [\]YB\0X\\]ZY[YH۝0[Xܰ\™[\][Y\]p\[H[HHB[\YK&Y\\Z[[Y[0]YH\YHBXܙ]HX8&H][\0\ܰX][ۜ˜[X[]][X]0K]X[]0K]\0]\]YB[\KH˙][\ ]BK\ܝ[Y[H[[\HH[X[ۈو[[\H8*)a6a6`avb+8*-va.x+H[[H0ZYp0ۙX[ۛH0HXZ[H8'ZYx'H[XYH[[HH8*a.x+8*)a6-x+*,b+*x+8*a6`avb+*b+b6b+MM