La gazelle 72 - Page 102

I made in tunisia mode I made in tunisia fashion I ‫مو�ضه‬ ‫تون�سي‬ ‫�صنع‬ I made in tunisia mode I made in tunisia fashion I ‫مو�ضه‬ ‫تون�سي‬ ‫�صنع‬ SAMAKA SAMAKA Men’s ready-to-wear, SAMAKA Crédit Photos : Samaka is a new contemporary brand Nouvelle marque de prêt- inspired by young Tunisians’ à-porter homme, SAMAKA new urban lifestyle. se présente comme un Artistic director and frequent traveler, Aziz Kallel, thought out his brand just the same as the music he plays; in a wild, relaxed and authentic way. His travels draw life into clothes, and help him bring a certain mood into everything he touches. vestiaire composé de vêtements aux lignes brutes et contemporaines inspiré par le nouveau mode de vie urbain de la jeune génération A Its natural fabric and linear design simply make those who wear SAMAKA stand out from the crowd. As the popularity for men’s clothing continues to increase, it’s easier than ever to wear comfortable, stylish clothes. “Linen and wool - both raw, yet noble; comfortable yet attra