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I actu agenda I news diary I الأخبار املفكّ‏ رة Paris Paris باريس Ouverture de L’Atelier des Lumières Paris inaugurera au courant du mois d’avril prochain, son premier musée numérique où seront projetées de célèbres peintures en très grand format. Situé dans une ancienne fonderie du XIème arrondissement, L’Atelier des Lumières proposera en permanence 3 expositions dans 2 salles avec pour commencer, un programme consacré à Gustav Klimt et Egon Schiele. À l’aide de 120 projecteurs et d’une sonorisation spatialisée, les œuvres des artistes contemporains seront projetées du sol au plafond et sur des murs s’élevant jusqu’à 10 mètres. Plongés dans le noir, les visiteurs se verront immergés pour une durée de 30 minutes dans l’univers des plus grands peintres. I 1,2 1 3. Simulation Klimt et Schiele. La Sécession à Vienne – Atelier des Lumières © D.R. I Klimt and Schiele simulation. Vienna Secession I حمااكة – لكميت وشييل.‏ انفصال فيينا قاعة األنوار 1 2 3 Opening of L'Atelier des Lumières Paris will celebrate the opening of the first Digital Art Centre in spring 2018, the ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES, where renowned very large format paintings will be displayed. Located in a former foundry in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris, the ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES will permanently hold 3 monumental immersive exhibitions in two rooms, starting with a program dedicated to Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Using 120 video projectors and a spatialised sound system, the highly unique multimedia equipment will cover a surface area extending from the floors to the ceilings and over walls up to ten metres high. Once in the dark, visitors will for thirty minutes be immersed in the world of the greatest painters. I افتتاح قاعة األنوار يهشد هشر أفريل القادم افتتاح أول متحف رمقي يف العامصة الفرنسية باريس تقوم فكرته عىل عرض لوحات محتل ملسات أهشر الرسامني،‏ مبقاسات كبرية.‏ وسيقام املتحف يف أرجاء مصنع فوالذ قدمي يف الدائرة احلادية عرش من العامصة الفرنسية.‏ لقد مت . ختصيص قاعتني الحتضان ثالثة معارض مزتامنة و ستكون البداية مع برناجم خمصص للفنانني ‏»غوستاف لكميت«‏ و ‏»إيغون شييل«‏ أما أمعال الفنانني املعارصين فستعرض عىل اكمل مساحة حائط عىل ارتفاع 10 أمتار من األرضية إىل السقف،‏ و ذلك باستخدام 120 جهاز عرض ضويئ،‏ مع تأثريات صوتية ثالثية األبعاد.‏ ويدوم لك عرض ثالثني دقيقة يغرق فهيا املاكن يف الظالم وينتقل فهيا الزائرون إىل عامل األمعال الفنية اخلالدة.‏ 48 I envie hot spot I wishlist hot spot I ‫�ساخنة‬ ‫نقطة‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ I envie hot spot I wishlist hot spot I ‫�ساخنة‬ ‫نقطة‬ ‫رغباتنا‬ 2 1 Le Club, a Next Gen Health and Lifestyle club amateurs and professionals, keen on becoming is a health, recreational, and social facility real fighters. geared towards exercise, sports, and other Le Club also shelters indoor and outdoor pools accommodates both the serious athlete and the latest, innovative squash courts and two five a side physical activities. A successful facility which for water aerobics and fitness in addition to the casual recreational user. football pitches. Nearly thirty activities include organised, group Tucked away in a privileged district of la Banlieue, Whether you are willing to burn calories, to tone instructional programs such as spinning classes Le Club is at one with its setting, its contemporary, sea, Le Club is a unique new up or simply chill with friends, Le Club is the place in the Cycling Room - a colourful space bathed sleek design and its simple, warm materials. The to be - for adults and children - that will meet your sports and leisure facility in in light – and dancing classes in a fitness room social component is an important secondary expectations. I Tunisia. It offers a broad range overlooking the sea; Individual fitness opportunities function of Le Club and is represented by elements of activities revolving around such as cardiovascular training, weight training, and that support the fitness goals but also encourage swimming. Individual activities may be self-guided social interaction. For that matter, members may or conducted under the supervision of a trainer. enjoy spacious locker rooms equipped with sauna Sport lovers may discover the Group Training studio and a hairdressing salon for their best comfort. for a customised, more intense physical training. But we save the best for last. A lounge & restaurant Likewise, a Fight Club is accessible for both with a beautiful terrace overlooking the pool and Nestled on the heights of Gammarth, overlooking the sport, relaxation and well being, combining elegance, contemporary architecture and quality. 92 Stretched over more than 6000m², Le Club 1. La salle de Cycling I Cycling Room I ‫الصالة‬ ‫الرياضية‬ 2. Le restaurant lounge donnant sur la mer I Lounge & restaurant overloo ѡ͕$fbbbbbf#fbbf+bfbbbNJbf'ffbffbbf+b(̸1ͅѹ́$ѹ́I$bfff+bf bf bbb+bfbbff+b()ѡ͕ݥѠɕЁ́Ѽѡ)ɕ̸͡)ɕ͗ iѽɥѥՔ Ѡ)S 耬؀ ) 聍Չѡ)聱ՉѠ)%хɅ聱ՉѠ(