La gazelle 71 - Page 120

I rencontre portfolio I encounters portfolio I ‫برتفوليو‬ ‫لقــاءات‬ I rencontre portfolio I encounters portfolio I ‫برتفوليو‬ ‫لقــاءات‬ Faten Gaddes, portrait Faten Gaddes has been travelling the world to immortalise the many facets of humanity, with only her camera and a backdrop of the 1930s. The story begins in Tunis, when the Tunisian-French photographer finds in the back of a garage an old photography studio setting. This pastel- coloured canvas, with a kitsch-like look, will be the basis of her project, the link between all the faces and personalities who will pose in front her camera. Then begins the adventure “My Tunis”, a series of portraits gathering in a same book the different social classes on the 1930s background. Faten Gaddes succeeds in bringing together an unemployed young man, a politician and an artist to capture a smile, some emotion in the eyes, while striking a pose that decimate social divisions. Accustomed to portrait photography, Faten Gaddes pursues her human experience in the Goutte d’Or streets, one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Paris. “Ma Goutte d’Or” collection reveals irresistible women, alongside traditional musicians and religious men. She finally settled down in New York, then in Marrakech to devote her work to make moments of human existence eternal. Paris, New York, London, Washington and Seattle galler W2&RFvWFW 6VGV6VB'fFVvFFW>( 6V7Fb'G&G2W"WBW&Fb( א'&V6( 6V7Fv&RVBfV''V'R#BbBvW'FP&VB6G# 6&7FR6WVVVF6&6&7FRBVV( 2( }MM( ( MN( ( m( ( ==m( "26VVVF6&6R6VV( =M]}n( ( -^( #