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2 drogheria della rosa

3 trattoria belle arti

This restaurant is more on the expensive side and I’d say it can be saved for special occasions. As the name suggests, the restaurant used to be a pharmacy, and inside you can see some of the old medications, which makes it a truly unique establishment. However, in the summer, most of the tables are outside, on the street or on the terrace. When you arrive and are seated, you will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of prosecco, along with a “tasting” plate of cheeses and meats. The charismatic owner will approach your table and inform you on the dishes available, instead of giving you a physical menu, making the service much more personal and enjoyable. The sommelier will then pair your meal with the wine most suited to your dish. I can highly recommend the tomato aubergine ravioli, which is made up of the freshest-tasting tomato sauce and melt-in-your-mouth ravioli. The meal ends up costing around twenty to thirty euros a head (with wine), which seems completely reasonable for both second-to-none service and unbeatable Italian food. This really is a wonderful dining experience.

This became one of my all-time favourite restaurants in Bologna very early on in the semester. The menu selection is vast and almost overwhelming. There honestly is something for everyone, including delicious wood-fired pizzas, a range of pasta dishes, aswell as fish and meat plates. You can enjoy these dishes in the charming indoor terrace, fit with fairy lights and candles; an elegent yet laid back environment . Strongly recommend is their house pasta dish, which is fresh garganelli covered in a rich tomatoey, baconey sauce, and topped with parmesan it is strong rival to their classic carbonara. Reasonably priced, always bursting with italians and rarely tourists, this is also a definite contender amongst Bologna’s hidden food gems.

Photos by Mathilda Bell

Photography - italianlandscapes - Instagram