LA CIVETTA April 2019 - Page 59

by emily spearpoint walsh

will sophia goggia ever reach the top spot this season?

Photography: iamsofiagoggia - Instagram

Skiing isn’t normally what we think of when we think of Italian sport. However, if you can tear yourself away from the calcio [football] for just a moment you’ll see that Italy has a rising star in Sophia Goggia, the 26-year-old Super-G and Downhill specialist from Bergamo. Now don’t go making the excuse that skiing isn’t readily available to watch! Ski Sunday is broadcast on BBC 2 every Sunday night, so you can tune in to see Goggia and her fellow azzuri Dominik Paris carving up the slopes in their fight to do Italy proud.

After a late start to the season, Goggia has two podium finishes but hasn’t quite been able to climb to gold so far.

An incessant Instagrammer, her fans can keep up to date almost 24/7 with the Italian skier. She struggled in October with a broken ankle and has lacked consistency in her season since January, finishing 15th in the most recent downhill in Are, Sweden. However, her silver medal finishes in Garmisch for both the Super-G and Downhill disciplines prove that there is still hope for Goggia this season. If everything goes her way, and she gets a bit of luck, she could well put down a gold worthy run. Can she match her 2017 season and bring home a gold medal for the azzuri?