LA CIVETTA April 2019 - Page 22




At the National Gallery

an exhibition co curated by Matthias Wivel

By Will Holmes

The Venetian artist Lorenzo Lotto (1480 – 1557) is celebrated as one of the finest portraitists of the Italian Renaissance. Overlapping with exhibition on Mantegna and Bellini, The National Gallery hosted their exhibition of Lotto’s portraits from November 2018 – Feb 2019, in what might be seen as an effort to award some of the lesser-known artists of the Renaissance their moment of glory. As the world commemorates the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, and prepares to do the same for Raphael next year, it seems appropriate to pay tribute to some the other artists that also contributed to this magnificent artistic and cultural revival.

Lotto was the first Italian painter who was sensitive to the varying status of the human soul. Never before or since has anyone brought out on the face more of the inner life….

Bernard Berenson, art historian, 1895



Photo by Zoe Holling on Unsplash