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Leonardo Da VinCi

A glimpse into the life of a genius 500 years after his death,

and where you can catch the quincentenary exhibitions this year

This year 2nd May will mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, who died in Amboise, France, in 1519. Born an illegitimate son on April 14, 1452 in the small town of Vinci not far from Florence, he grew up to be a visionary with an extraordinary and exceedingly inquisitive mind, whose thirst for knowledge could not be sated.

The self-taught extraordinaire might be best known for that Mona Lisa smile or The Last Supper, but he was

also an avid inventor and engineer, conceiving ideas such as the parachute and the helicopter centuries before they would be invented as we know them today. Leonardo’s fascination with the human body led him to dissect cadavers and collaborate with doctors in his drawings of human anatomy. ‘Genius’ does seem the only word to truly do this multi-talented man justice.

Photo by AC Almelor on Unsplash