KY-TN Conference Camp Meeting Brochure 2015 - Page 2

.................. WELCOME! T hree words, spoken together, that are perhaps the most important words you’ll ever hear. “I forgive you.”  Perhaps said and heard infrequently today, it is these three words that countlessly changed the lives and destiny of men and women in Scripture. More than just a string of syllables, these words communicate grace, compassion, healing, and sometimes, in a very real sense, life. “I forgive you” is what changed the guilt of Adam and Eve from despair to hope. “I forgive you” is what transformed the destiny of Steve Haley Jacob from a deceiver to the father of a great nation. President  “I forgive you” is what gave strength to King David to rise from his knees in sorrow for his sins and follow the path of leadership God had ordained.  “I forgive you” is what invited the Samaritan woman to taste of something much more satisfying than liquid from a well, but to drink from the Spring of eternal life.  “I forgive you” is what turned the expectation of the adulterous woman from a terrifying death at the hand of her accusers, to the kind encouragement of Jesus to go and live.  “I forgive you” redeemed Peter from his own denial, saved the believing thief on the cross, transformed Steve Rose Executive Secretary the life of the persecutor Paul, and in his last dying moments, is the appeal of Jesus to His Father, to exchange the murderous actions of His executioners for the redemptive grace of God. It’s been said that the world is full of incomprehensible words. Perhaps these three, formed into a statement, are at the top of the list. We can’t understand, why we who have so often failed, should hear the words of Christ, “I forgive you.”  Those words, spoken to wretched sinners such as you and me, have resulted in the pardoning of our debt, the removal of our guilt, the elimination of the death penalty, and in its place, the opportunity to live in confidence and hope. Not Douglas Hilliard only to live in peace, and joy today, but to live tomorrow and for eternity worshiping at the feet of our forgiving Treasurer God. My personal desire is that Camp Meeting 2015 will encourage all of us to “live, as those, who are forgiven!” Steve Haley, President 2 2