KY-TN Conference Camp Meeting Brochure 2015 - Page 18

.................. GENERAL INFORMATION CAMP MEETING ATTIRE: Although the setting of Camp Meeting is more relaxed and informal, we encourage attire that is both appropriate to the occasion and representative of Christian principles of modesty and good taste. ATTENTION PARENTS: Supervision of your children during Camp Meeting is essential. Children are expected to participate in the meetings and activities that are planned for them. When not participating in those activities, you are responsible for their whereabouts and conduct. Beginner through Primary divisions will have supervision for drop off 15 minutes prior to meetings. FIRST AID: The First Aid Station is primarily for the assessment of injuries that may require medical care or emergency room treatment. Families attending Camp Meeting should be prepared to handle their own minor issues (cuts, scrapes, bumps, splinters, etc.); and should come prepared with their own prescription medications, allergy medicine, pain relievers such as aspirin or acetaminophen, and band-aids. AUDITORIUM SEATING: Lawn chairs will be permitted on side and rear sections only. Seat cushions may be used anywhere in the auditorium, but must be removed at the close of each meeting. Lawn chairs in the main auditorium not occupied at the time services begin will be considered open seating and will be available to anyone. ESTATE PLANNING AND TRUST SERVICES: Silke Hubbard and other Trust Services personnel will be available to assist you in estate planning, trusts, wills, etc. Please contact the Trust Services office in the Administration building for appointments. MAIL: Pick up or send mail at the Locating Office. PETS: Sorry. Dogs, cats, and other pets are not permitted on the grounds, in RVs, tents, or dormitories. SEVERE WEATHER: In the event of severe weather, those staying in tents and RVs will be notified and advised regarding safer shelter. Those staying in the dormitories will receive instructions from the dormitory deans. TELEPHONES: The telephone in Locating is for Camp Meeting business use only. Please use the phones in the dormitories for your local and long distance calls. In consideration of others, keep length of calls to five minutes maximum. FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED: Listening devices are available from the ushers. 18 14