KU Professional Learning Tailored Professional Learning Booklet 2018_Final - Page 2

TAILORED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING INTRODUCTION KU offers a number of courses and two-part series that can be tailored to meet the professional learning needs of your team, and can be delivered onsite at a time convenient to you. Tailored professional learning can also take place online and can be customised to suit your centre through the delivery of a webinar. TAILORED PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COURSES PEDAGOGY AND PRACTICE Understanding the Early Years Learning Framework Infant and Toddler Pedagogy Curriculum Design and Documentation A Time for Thinking: Critical Reflection on Practice A Quality Journey: Developing and Using Your QIP RELATIONSHIPS AND ATTACHMENT Guidance Versus Praise: The Power of Language DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION Guiding Children’s Behaviour SUSTAINABILITY AND NATURE PEDAGOGY Going Green in Early Childhood: An Introduction to Everyday Sustainability STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHS) Embedding Technology in the Everyday Curriculum Page 2 Proudly a not for profit organisation