KU Annual Report 2010 - Page 21

KU Financial Report Declaration by Board of Directors in Respect of Fundraising Appeals In the opinion of the Board of Directors: (i) the financial statements give a true and fair view of all income and expenditure of KU Children’s Services with respect to fundraising activities under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 and the Regulations; (ii) the Statement of Financial Position as at 31 December 2010 gives a true and fair view of the state of affairs with respect to fundraising activities; (iii) the provisions of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 and the Regulations under that Act and the conditions attached to the Charitable Fundraising Authority have been complied with to the organisation’s best ability; (iv) the internal controls exercised by KU Children’s Services are appropriate and effective in accounting for all income received and applied by the organisation from any of its fundraising appeals. Signed in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors. Borislav Kotic Director Sydney, 29th March 2011 David Bryant Chairman, Board of Directors Sydney, 29th March 2011 Statement of Comprehensive Income for the financial year ended 31 December 2010 Note 2010 2009 $ $ Revenue 5 88,100,423 79,002,432 Employee benefits expense Depreciation expense Repairs and maintenance expense Occupancy expense Childcare centre expense Capital grant expenditure Other expenses (Deficit) for the period 5,14 (73,988,658) (66,134,430) (648,088) (669,189) (1,075,367) (1,013,700) (881,698) (697,736) (5,653,845) (4,126,316) (1,470,139) - (5,560,972) (6,409,147) (1,178,344) (48,086) 59,923 1,049,451 Other Comprehensive income Gain on available – for - sale investments taken to equity 16 Total comprehensive (loss) income for the period (1,118,421) 1,001,365 Notes to the financial statements are included on pages 24 to 39. 115th Annual Report 2010 21