KU Annual Report 2007 - Page 6

CEO’s Report Sheridan Dudley Chief Executive Officer The past year has been a challenging one for KU with a change of CEO and the need to put in place structures, systems and processes to implement the new Strategic Plan: Making “the KU Difference”. As a new CEO it has been important for me to visit as many of our centres and services as I can, to meet our staff and our parents and to see KU in action. I therefore made a commitment to spend at least half a day each week in centres and by December I had visited over 90 of them. I am continually impressed by the wonderful education and care provided by our staff as well as the warm, welcoming and professional atmosphere of our centres and services. A high proportion of our staff has been with KU for many years and their loyalty, commitment and experience is the key strength of KU. Our focus has been on ways to continually improve the quality of our early childhood education and care services while leveraging our size and scale to reduce our costs and increase affordability. While it is essential that our centres and services retain their community base, responsiveness to their community and their focus on individual children and families, it is equally important that our administration provides leadership and direction to KU and sees itself as a support and resource centre to KU’s core business: quality early childhood education and care. The change of name from “Head Office” to “Central Office” and the appointment of a Manager Educational Quality and a Manager Property, reflect that philosophy. 10000 11000 KU’s Reach 9000 8000 6500 7000 6000 5500 2004 2005 Children 2006 2007 Members Families KU Staff 613 600 550 516 500 450 400 400 350 300 250 284 274 289 200 150 100 50 0 60 54 78 64 48 2006 2000 Child Care Workers AMEP 6 Central Office 73 72 2007 Teachers ISA KU’s 112 th Annual Report 2007 48 Business Development KU’s business development has focused on building on what we do well, rather than expanding into completely new areas. We are also careful to ensure that new businesses are viable and that KU’s high standards of quality are not compromised, even if this means we are sometimes unsuccessful in obtaining new business. The Business Development team worked on a number of tenders and expressions of interest as well as undertaking paid consultancies in the early childhood education and care sector. KU was approached by 10 community based and operated preschools for information packages &WBG&6fW'&pFR6bFW6RvW&RFW&W7FVBG&6fW'&rFRvVVBvWfW gFW"gW'FW"fW7FvFFRG&6fW"F@B&6VVBf"f&WGb&V62Rv06&6VB'B6VG&6V@rF6&R6W'f6W2f"f&F6vW2&WBRvVVBFvFFR66&B6B6&R6VG&PB'&FfVB&6B6&R6VG&P&6VVFrFG&6fW"FRV&ǒ#इV&W6W&6W0V&W"bFFfW2vW&RVVFV@GW&rFRV"F&V7'VB7W'B@&WFVƖfVBWW&V6VB7FfbVVR767F6R&w&v0G&GV6VBVR26֗FVBFVVRvVf&RB&fFW2g&VR@6fFVF6W'f6R&VFFv&f֖ǒBW'677VW2FFbCVVW266W76VBFR6W'f6RGW&pFRf'7BbF2bG2W&FvV"&6VB&V7'VFVB77FVv0G&GV6VBFr&RVff6V@vVVBbFR&V7'VFVB&w&ЧvFRBF&R&RVf&VFǐg&VFǒvFFR&VGV7FbW"&6V@Ɩ6F2&Vr&V6VfVB2vVFR77FVw2f"7FfbffVBFR&V7'VFVB&6W72F&RV6ǐ66W72FRƖ6F2&V6VfVBBF&VGV6RFRFRFVF7VFW'fWpBB7FfbF22W7V6ǐ'FB6WFFfR&V7'VFV@&WBGW&rFR&W'FrV"#6F2vW&RGfW'F6VBvFfW"cƖ6F2&V6VfVBVVR7W'fWb7Ffbv2VFW'FVF6VVFV 6VBFR77VW2FBffV7BFVFRv&6RBv2fW'V6pFB&W76R&FRbfW"c"Rv0&V6VfVBfW&FR7W'fWv26FfPvFsBRb7Ffb7FFrFBFWfVBfVVBB"RvVB&V6V@R2VW"7FfbGW&fW"GW&r#rv2#"Rv6