KU Annual Report 2007 - Page 12

Advocacy Participation in Early Childhood and Related Forums • Aboriginal Child, Youth and Family Northern Sydney Executive Group • Attachment Matters Research Forum • Australian Taxation Office’s Education Partnership • Bethany Early Intervention Program - Advisory Committee • Early Childhood Australia (National) - Board • Early Childhood Australia (NSW) - Executive Committee and Sub Committees • Early Childhood Intervention Australia (NSW Chapter) Incorporated - Central Committee and Sub Committees • Early Childhood Intervention Co-ordination Program Local Area State Committees • Linda Harm University of New England NSW TAFE • Claire Booler • Katie Lewis • Tara Brien • Dhanya Menon • Ashlea Foster • Peter Monger • Irene Gavrilis • Maggie Wang • Hiam Hammoudy • Forum of Non Government Associations • Macarthur Health Service Planning and Development Committee • NCOSS • Northern Sydney Aboriginal Advisory Committee • NSW Children’s Services Forum - Preschool Working Party • NSW Department of Community Services Preschool Investment and Reform Plan Working Party • NSW Children’s Services Health and Safety Committee • NSW Department of Community Services Bankstown Early Intervention Program • NSW Department of Community 12 KU’s 112 th Annual Report 2007 • NSW Social Justice Reference Group • NSW NIFTeY • NSW Department of Community Services Industry Reference Group for 1:4 • 1:4 Make it Law Community Action Group • NSW Food Authority Stakeholder Group • NSW Ombudsman Investigative Forum • Non-Profit Children’s Services Incorporated • Forum of Learning and Development in Child Protection • Jennifer Dunn Macquarie University • NSW Early Childhood Professional Experience Council • FaCSIA ISA Forum • Families NSW, Northern Sydney Children’s Services Diversity Training Project • Carolyn Doungmanee Charles Sturt University • NSW Early Childhood Environmental Education Network • NSW Ombudsman Children’s Services Forum • Families NSW Early Communication Development Training Project NSW Universities • Renee Astill University of Western Sydney • NSW Department of Education and Training Early Childhood Refe ɕ)ɽ+$ɱ Aͥѥ٥䀴)!ѡѥ]ɭA+$ M%%MLAɽ٥ȁ5ѥ̸)-TM !=1IM!%@I %A%9QL)M٥́ 1AɽЁ5ɼ9Ѡ)M呹9ݽɬ+$9ѡɸM呹ѥ9)]ɭɽ+$9ѡɸM呹MѕAɽ)AɽЁIɕɽ+$9ѡɸM呹Mѥ ɕ)ݥѠѥ9̀M 8ɕ)Iɕɽ+$Aɥ%ѕɅ䀴 ѽݸ+$Aȁ ձхѥIɕɽ) ѽݸɱ%ѕٕѥAɽɅ+$M 8ɕIɕɽ̀ѕɸ)M呹䰁%ȁ]а%݅ɄMѡɸ)M呹+$M 8MхєIɕɽ+$Q9M\ ɕéM٥́%)Iɕɽ+$ ɱ́MЁUٕͥ ͔)٥ͽɽ+$Uٕͥ䁽9ݍѱձ䁽)Սѥ ͔I٥+$Uٕͥ䁽]ѕɸM呹 ͔)٥ͽ ѕ+$]ѕɱIɸ չ) ɔ+$]ɥ䁅 չ)M٥́ ɔMѕɥ ѕ