Kosta Boda Katalog 2018 Sve - Page 12

Ludvig Löfgren. Mattias Stenberg. “My approach to glass is sensitive, passionate and patient. “For me, it’s important to go back to my own initial impressions I describe atmosphere, depict moods through references both of Kosta Boda as an innovative, experimental company where to history and present. Molten glass enables me to work with they accept and even encourage experimentation and product sculpture and pictures simultaneously. Glass can be seductive, development out “on the floor” in the studio.” Mattias Stenberg beautiful, soft and compliant to work with. But at same time it is originally trained as an engineer, architect and researcher can scar you for life.” in Sweden and the US and holds a Licentiate degree in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. ”Min inställning till glas är sensibel, passionerad och uthållig. Mattias holds several design, interior design Jag beskriver stämningar, känslotillstånd med hjälp av referen- and architecture awards. ser från historia och nutid. Massan ger mig möjlighet att vara skulptural och målerisk på samma gång. Glas kan både vara ”För mig var det viktigt att gå tillba F֖Vvl;g'7FG'6l;g&l;g&6Bf6W'B֧VB6l;fƧ6BGB&&WFVBb7F&F:FƖvV6WGBfFgB6WW&VFV@V6FFwBWGBf77B6WFFR( l;g&WFrL:G" :G"fƖr6F6VBWVG&"FWW&ЦVFW7F6&GVGWGfV6ƖrWFR( :RvfWN( GF( GF07FV&W&r"V&w'VB6vV;g"&FVB6f'6&R7fW&vR6U4VBVƖ6VFFWVvV;g'7fWFVЧ6g,:VVvƖvFV6;fw6GF2 :G":VvfFw@&6BFW6vFW&;g&FW6v6&FVGW"