Kosta Boda Katalog 2018 Sve - Page 117

Suspending roses in glass is an old art. Rose globes could be found in nearly every Swedish home in the 1960s. Mona Morales-Schildt worked at Kosta from 1958 to 1971, and her elegant rose globes on tall stands were among the glassworks’ most beloved products. Now Lena Bergström has taken up the tradition. Bergstrom has created a two-part globe for roses and a bottle of fragrance. The fragrance bottle is unadorned and timeless. Her rose globe has become a tiny spaceship or time caps [Hو\܈H\]8&\Y[[\\X\[Y[Y\X[\X[[X\ˈ]]8&\[[وZ\X\ˈ8'H[YH\XK\\]XZ\\[[[ۜXHHY\x&\[][HܛYY]8&\ݙK[]YX[H[H[[[ۜ]HۈZH\˸'B][[H܈H\ؙZ0[\H0[[X[ۜ [B[[܈[\\][KH\[ܛH]\0H[Z[H[\Hݙ[[H0H NM ][] 0HB\]YH[ۘH[ܘ[\T[Y[[0\[ NMN NMB[\[Y[H[[[܈0H0[0휙B\؜Z]Y\0YHZ\H\[B\H]\Y][ۙ[[H]\H[Y[Y\[XH휈܈[[0휘[Hٝ B\K\[0[HY0ˈ[\\][H\]]]]][Y\[\[Y\[H\휈[HH0]Y\Y[HH[ZHY\\Bܘ][\\KY[H[]YX܋ HY[B]][HXHH\]X\H]휈B[܈HH]0Y[Z0흙\HH0]Z0HHܛHH]HH0LM