Kosta Boda Art Glass SS19 - Page 32

Glass artist Anna Ehrner. “To me the smeltery is where the creation occurs. This is where the glass is born, shaped and comes alive. I want to respect the life of the glass by working with it and not against it. I try to follow the melt – the sheer power of the glass that can’t be restrained – yet at the same time see simplicity and subtlety.” Anna Ehrner is an experimental, minimalistic artist with a style distinguished by simple yet powerful designs and an ability to achieve great impact with colour by using it in subtle ways. Veils of colour inside the glass have become a distinctive feature for Ehrner, as has the coiled glass that features in the Basket and Energy series. Anna is behind the creation of many best-sellers, such as Line glasses, the Contrast series of bowls and more recently Basket and Cupcake. NON STOP NON STOP NON STOP 7500012 NEW Bowl H 265 mm Ø 295 mm Limited edition 20 ex 7500013 NEW Bowl H 260 mm Ø 290 mm Limited edition 20 ex 7500014 NEW Bowl H 250 mm Ø 300 mm Limited edition 20 ex Handmade in Sweden 32 Handmade in Sweden Handmade in Sweden