Kosta Boda Art Glass SS19 - Page 24

Glass artist Kjell Engman. ”My creativity is based on the circle of life. I want to design glass you can feel – glass that speaks to all of the senses – to use refraction and the light – to create pictures and tell stories. I am driven by an inner search, in which curiosity, mysticism and mythology are important elements. It is the glass itself – the living melt – that is my constant companion.” A tireless glass artist with boundless imagination and a passion for narrative that he gives free rein to in both utility and art glass, Kjell Engman is inspired by the animal kingdom and the world of music. He often works on larger installations in which he also uses elements such as sound and light. Kjell Engman is frequently commissioned to create public installations both in Sweden and abroad. CHATTER SHALL WE TRAVEL THE TRIP IS OVER 7460101 Sculpture H 290 mm W 200 mm D 85 mm Limited edition 100 ex 7460099 Sculpture H 175 mm W 210 mm D 75 mm Limited edition 100 ex 7460125 Sculpture H 125 mm W 195 mm D 100 mm Light base 220×120 mm Limited edition 60 ex Handmade in Sweden Handmade in Sweden Handmade in Sweden 24