Kosta Boda Art Glass SS19 - Page 17

BRAINS TRIO 7520123 NEW Sculpture H 120 mm W 220 mm D 60 mm Limited edition 100 ex Handmade in Sweden LOOK – A series by Bertil Vallien A development of the Brains family, a decorative collector’s item that can be attached to the wall easily with the help of the stainless steel staples supplied with it. Freehand work with the pipe is combined with casting, and the object is later cut and polished by hand. BRAIN MERCURIUS LOOK IN ORANGE 7520122 NEW Sculpture H 145 mm W 65 mm D 50 mm Limited edition 500 ex 7520099 Wall sculpture H 135 mm W 85 mm D 100 mm Limited edition 1000 ex Handmade in Sweden Handmade in Sweden 17