Knight Life - Page 13

Sydney Chapa

Sydney Chapa has been going to Notre Dame for 15 years. Everywhere she has applied to attend college is in Texas but she's still undecided, though she knows she wants to study forensic and investigative sciences. Her favorite memory at Notre Dame is whenever she was in elementary school her friend Bjorn got mad at her and yelled, "Sydney I hate you more than Michael," while Michael was standing right there.

Clayton McElory has been going to Notre Dame for thirteen years and would say his years at Notre Dame have been the best in his life. He plans to attend the University of North Texas and study physical therapy. After college he plans joining the military, and continue to be a physical therapist after that. Playing sports with all his close friends his four years in high school was his favorite memory during his time here. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is pizza because there is so many different kinds.

Clayton McElroy