SuSpenSion Servicing from $180 for forks / $130 Shocks Get the most out of your bike and your riding. Drop your bike in on the way back from Woodhill. We are next to the Firestone shop main road Kumeu. Custom sports trikes Created individually by MS Coombes Limited Based on the Suzuki Boulevard M109R We can trike any bike Kitsets available to any stage DVD available 43c Main Road, Kumeu, Auckland 0810 09 412 9430 Taking the bike on an overseas tour, or buying or selling overseas? Want someone who knows bikes and knows how they should be handled? 344 St Asaph St Christchurch. Ph: 03 3667463 Fax: 03 3667462 Email: Web: Web: Then call us-we have years of experience and good reviews from riders touring USA, Australia, Canada, Europe & UK. We can arrange freighting, all customs facilities, holding of crates and shipment of bikes and goods purchased on tour back to New Zealand. We have offices & customs teams throughout USA, Australia, Europe and agencies in Canada and UK. Two years ago we had a family tragedy and had to get back to New Zealand immediately. We were in the back blocks of Colorado. One phone call to Mainfreight in LA and they just sorted everything out. They picked our bikes up from Colorado, sorted out all of the details and shipped the bikes home to us... Bridget Jakicevich Another successful trip to the States for my group and a large part played by yourself and Mainfreight. Looking back has been 8 years now, you have been involved... With out your help I know that it could otherwise be very stressful with much unnecessary time dealing with the minutia to the various agencies involved both in New Zealand and The US.... Ken Contact Jeff Larsen on 04 816 5255 or 0274 493008