The ROAD GUIDE HOT PRODUCTS TS-44 $149rrp INTERCOM PRICE BREAKTHROUGH AERO FULL FACE Fantastic aero styled full face helmet with a whole punch of stunning features normally only found of helmets twice the price. 6 front closeable vents, multiple rear exit vents, aero dynamic styling complete with stability spoiler, removable lining allows cleaning, super comfortable to wear, DD secure closure system, internal sun shield, ECE safety standard approved, chin curtain and nose guard standard, tool-less easy to remove visor. Available in Gloss & Matt Black $169rrp, Black/White graphics $179rrp, and Rift Graphics $199rrp. RIFT BLACK/BLUE INTERPHONE START Ideal for everyday use. Enhance your movements round the city with the new Interphone Start. Interphone with dual stereo headset for a more crisp sound, Bluetooth connection to Smartphones and GPS navigators for added security and an incredibly slim and elegant design. Functional but discreet. A Bluetooth® Interphone with compact dimensions and unprecedented functions. The particular design makes it easy to use while ensuring maximum water resistance even in adverse weather conditions. Easy to install, intuitive and updatable. Simplied installation thanks to the adhesive for fastening to helmets, boom microphone and without any connector between control unit, microphone and headsets. It is equipped to receive software updates that ensure maximum compatibility with other devices and a long operational life. RIFT BLACK/ORANGE RIFT BLACK/GREEN 4.2 RIFT BLACK/YELLOW LITHIUM CHARGERS OPTIMATE TM 290 Ultimate LiFePO4 professional level battery charger. High efciency diagnostic charger and tester for LiFePO4 / LFP batteries. Perfect for charging and seasonal maintenance of a 12.8V-13.2V LiFePO4 / LFP battery sized from 2 to 100 Amp-hour. 10 set charging sequence $249rrp. OPTIMATE TM 470 Unique LiFePO4 battery protection! The OptiMate Lithium 0.8A 4S charges LiFePO4 / LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) 4-series batteries with nominal voltage of 12.8V – 13.2V. Special features: Saves low voltage LiFePO4 batteries Specialized LiFePO4 charge cycle Maintains & protects LiFePO4 batteries Battery BMS reset. $129rrp. 130/80R17 ANAKEE WILD 140/8017 ANAKEE WILD 150/70R17 ANAKEE WILD 170/60R17 ANAKEE WILD 130/80S18 ANAKEEWILD 140/80 18 ANAKEEWILD 110/80R19 ANAKEE WILD 120/70R19 ANAKEE WILD 90/90R21 ANAKEE WILD Michelin Anakee Wild Tyres The Michelin Anakee Wild tyres offer a more aggressive 50/50 design to get you over the rive