Clever Solutions For Smart Gear. Motorcycle clothing uses state-of-the-art materials and looking after your investment needs specialised care! Using the wrong products or not caring for your gear at all, will result in poor performance and shortened garment life! Sno-Seal Wax 200gm tub. Clear, black or brown. $16.50 100gm tube. Clear only. $12.50 Sno-Seal Wax protects, conditions and assists in waterproofing leather. It will also help your boots to last longer by protecting the stitching and maintain- ing the leather’s breathability. Sno-Seal Silicone Water-Guard 355ml aerosol $18 Wonderful stuff! Helps to restore factory waterproofing yet allows the garment to breathe. Brilliant on suede leather panels, proofed nylon garments, tents and touring luggage. Sno-Seal Sport Wash 532ml $17. 1litre $28. 2litre $54. This is the only detergent for washing your waterproof/breathable gear! Spe- cially formulated for Gore-Tex and similar fabrics, Sport Wash cleans the tiny fabric pores improving breathability and re- storing the membrane’s surface tension to enable water to bead and roll away. Warning: If you use household laundry products, the chemical residues can block the membrane, destroying the breathabil- ity of the delicate fabric. Re-washing cor- rectly in Sport Wash will require up to 15 washes to remove these harmful residues! Available from good bike shops everywhere or visit for your nearest Sno-Seal stockist Read all about performance fabrics on: Prices indicated are suggested retail only. Information in this advertisement is specific to the use of Sno-Seal products. Refer to your garment’s Care Instructions for correct use. Sno seal Jul15.indd 1 28/05/15 13:43