Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 69

25: Lighting Recommended: In addition to general lighting, task lighting should be provided for each functional area in the bathroom (i.e. grooming, showering). Code Requirement:  At least one wall-switch controlled light must be provided. Switch must be placed at the entrance of the bathroom. (IRC E 3901.6, IRC E 3803.2)  All light fixtures installed within tub and shower spaces should be marked “ s ui t a bl e f or da mp/ we t l oc a t i ons ” ( I RC E 3903.8.)  Hanging fixtures cannot be located wi t h i n a z one of 3’ hor i z ont a l l y a nd 8’ vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold. (IRC E 3903.10) Access Standard Recommended: Task lighting at the vanity should be beside the mirror and at eye level and with the lamp not visible to the eye. Li g ht i ng c ont r ol s s houl d be be t we e n 15” a nd 48” a bo ve t he f l oor a nd ope r a bl e wi t h a closed fist and with minimal effort. Code Reference:  Operable parts should be operable with one hand and not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate operable parts should be 5 pounds maximum. (ANSI A117.1 309.4)  See Access Standard 22 for specifications for reach range for controls. 69