Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 68

24: Electrical Receptacles Recommended: All GFCI receptacles should be located at electrical appliance points of use. Code Requirement:  At least one GFCI protected r e c e pt a c l e mus t be i ns t a l l e d wi t hi n 36” of the outside edge of the lavatory. (IRC E 3801.6)  All receptacles must be protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). (IRC 3802.1)  A receptacle shall not be installed within a shower or bathtub space. (IRC E 3902.11)  Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces or within reach while standing in the tub or shower unless installed as part of the listed tub or shower assembly. (IRC E 3901.7) Access Standard Recommended: See Code Reference. Code Reference:  See Access Standard 22 for specifications for placement within reach range. 68