Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 65

22: Storage Recommended: Provide adequate, accessible storage for toiletries, bath linens, grooming and general bathroom supplies at point of use. Code Requirement: State or local codes may apply. Access Standard Recommended: Pl a n s t or a ge of f r e que nt l y us e d i t e ms 15” t o 48” a bo ve t he f l oor . Code Reference:  Where a forward or side reach is unobstructed, the high reach should be 48” ma xi mum a nd t he l o w r e a c h s houl d be 1 5” mi ni mum a bove the floor. (ANSI 308.2.1, 308.3.1)  Where a forward or side reach is obs t r uc t e d by a 20” – 25” de e p c ount e r , t he hi g h r e a c h s houl d be 44” ma xi mum. (ANSI 308.2.2, 308.3.2)  Door/drawer pulls should be operable with one hand, require only a minimal amount of strength for operation, and should not require tight grasping. (ANSI 309.4) 65