Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 64

21: Toilet Compartment Recommended: The size for a separate toilet compartment s houl d be a t l e a s t 36” x 66” wi t h a s wi ng - out or pocket door. Code Requirement:  The minimum size for a separate t oi l e t c ompa r t me nt i s 30” x 60 ” . ( I PC 405.3.1) Access Standard Recommended: To maximize access, provide privacy in the toileting area without using a separate compartment. Code Reference:  Wheelchair accessible compartments s ho u l d be a t l e a s t 60” wi de , me a s ur e d pe r pe ndi c ul a r t o t he s i de wa l l , a nd 56” deep for a wall hung toilet and at least 59” de e p f or a f l oor -mounted toilet measured perpendicular to the rear wall. (ANSI 604.8.1.1) 64