Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 54

12: Shower/Tub Seat Recommended: Pl a n a s e a t wi t hi n t he s howe r t ha t i s 17” – 19” a bo ve t he s howe r f l oor a nd 15 ” de e p. Code Requirement:  Shower seat must not infringe on the minimum interior size of the shower (900 square inches). (IRC P 2708.1) Access Standard Recommended: Plan a seat in the shower and/or bathtub to fit the parameters of the space and the needs of the user. Code Reference:      A removable in-tub seat should be a t l e a s t 15” – 16” de e p a nd c a p a bl e of secure placement. (ANSI 610.2) A permanent tub seat should be at l e a s t 15” de e p a nd pos i t i one d a t t he head end of the bathtub. The top of the s e a t s houl d be be t we e n 17” a n d 19” above the bathroom floor. (ANSI 610.2) Where a seat is provided in a roll-in shower, it should be a folding type and on the wall adjacent to the controls. The top of the seat should be between 17” a nd 19” a bove t he ba t hr oom f l oor . In a transfer-type shower, the seat should be a folding type and extend f r om t he ba c k wa l l t o a poi nt wi t hi n 3” of the shower entry. (ANSI 610.3) The materials and installation of the shower and/or bathtub seat must support a minimum of 250 pounds of pressure. (ANSI 610.4) 54